Virtual Phone Numbers a Blessing in Disguise When Using Personal Phone for Work

Many people do short cuts in their business like using their personal number for business too. And they are not much aware of the consequences of advertising their personal number. There can be a lot of conflicts when using your Personal Phone for work. People think that it’s easy and affordable, but actually it creates an imbalance in work life and personal life. Plus, the employee-customer interaction will also not go well. And you will definitely not like to give your personal phone to your employee to entertain the customer. The employee can see the details of your phone, pictures, and other messages also. So, your privacy also gets disturbed.

Personal Phone for Work Demerits –

Initially, you will think that using a Personal Phone for work is no harm. But later you will understand, when the customer calls keep flooding and there are thousands of queries from all around and you are the only one answering the call, ultimately you will get thwarted and you will choose to give your phone to the employee. Now, let’s look at the major consequences of using personal phones at work. There are many hackers and cybercriminals spread all over the globe and who are waiting for you to do one single mistake so that they can make you their victim.

Risk of Advertising Personal Phone Numbers for Business –

You think advertising personal numbers is no harm, but let me tell you that when you advertise your personal number, you give them the keys to easily access all the details of your mobile phone and personal information including your photographs and images in your device. And if you have used your personal number/device to make a payment through credit card then they can also access all your credit card information and pin, password, CVV code, etc. Because they are skilled in doing that and in minutes you may lose your money from your account.

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Benefits of the Virtual Phone Numbers over Personal Phone for Work

So, using personal phone for work is dangerous. Instead of using a personal phone for work, you should choose the virtual phone numbers. There are many benefits of virtual phone numbers. Firstly, the virtual number which you will use, any calls that come in the virtual phone number can be routed to other devices including your personal phone also. If you use a virtual phone number then the cybercriminals will target that virtual phone number and they will have to deal directly with the servers of the virtual service provider and they have the knack of handling such hackers.

Merits of Virtual Phone Numbers

Then there are robocalls which you get in your personal numbers. For that use the virtual phone numbers and use its auto-attendant feature which will automatically blacklist the spam calls and will use multiple inbound lines, so that if one line is blocked, customers can get you through another line. You can port the existing virtual phone number with other virtual numbers. With a virtual phone system, you can record all your customer calls, monitor the call statistics, with the help of the extension facility in virtual phone number the customer can reach any employee of your office. And last but not the least, virtual phone numbers preserve your privacy.

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