Virtual Phone Number- A Tool for Advance Communication

With the advent of virtual phone systems, a significant change occurs in businesses, and together with it, it also brings advancement in communication and customer services. The virtual phone number is essential for businesses performing different businesses functions with ease and in a highly efficient manner. All the calls can be managed easily as the customer calls will be automatically routed, tracked, and recorded for future purposes. The different features of virtual phone numbers include call recording, call tracking, live call info, performance reports, push reports, live call info, etc. It can easily connect your callers with the right agent.

What are Different Benefits of Virtual Phone Number?

There are unlimited amazing benefits of a virtual phone number as compared to the conventional ones. A virtual phone number empowers the businesses with the facilities of attending multiple calls facility parallelly as your agents will be able to attend the different calls at the same time from their respective mobile phones. Different virtual phone numbers are used for business marketing which enables your marketers to get better pictures of their marketing ROI and for it different Virtual Phone numbers are assigned to the different platforms. It brings mobility and agents can very easily handle the calls with great ease. It reduces their stress levels. By extending office hours, highly enhanced customer services can be provided to the customers round the clock. Agents can directly attend the calls easily from their homes. A virtual number attached with IVR makes it easier for your callers to get easily connected with their agents with just a click on a keypad. Other amazing benefits of a virtual phone number include better-calling experiences, parallel call handling, mobility in team working, faster on-call resolutions, etc. Other important features of virtual phone numbers include recording, tracking, and reporting of customer calls.

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How does Virtual Phone Number Works?

When the call is placed on a virtual phone number, IVR is played and the callers can easily call select the menu option as per their need and requirement. The call is then routed to the number mapped behind the selected menu option. The personal phone number of both callers and agents will be not visible to either side and it is masked behind a virtual phone number. As the call is connected with the agent, the call can be tracked or recorded and can also be updated easily. If you like certain company and its price doesn’t suit you, you can search for the alternative like Smartline alternative namely Mightycall and others.

Different Types of Virtual Phone Numbers

Mainly, there are three different types of Virtual Phone numbers like Toll-free numbers, Mobile numbers, and Vanity numbers. A Toll-free number is a display number with different features and it is free of cost for the caller. A toll-free number subscriber will pay the calling charges of both ends. A toll-free number also helps in increasing the reputation, of a brand in the presence of its potential customers by providing them the best facility of free calling. The mobile numbers are kind of virtual phone numbers which look similar to 10 digit mobile numbers with advanced advantages. The third type of virtual phone number is vanity numbers are easy to recall fancy numbers and these fancy numbers can be a toll-free number or easy to mobile numbers; it increases the recall value and recognition.

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