The Difference between Voicemail Messages for Personal Phone & for Business Phone

Whether you are having a personal phone or business phone, if you are not able to receive calls or if your customer calls you after business hour, then you should have a voicemail messages system on your phone, so that when your customer call they can at least gate a message from you and drop their query in the voicemail box. In today’s tech-savvy world everyone is very busy and people seldom have time for others. But if you have voicemail greetings/messages on your phone, it is appreciable as it shows that part of your busy time you also give attention to people/customers whom you cannot attend to.

Personal Phone & Business Phone

Voicemail greetings or voicemail messages are a short message that we leave for people who call us, when the business or office hour gets over or the other times when we cannot take their call. Now, voicemail messages are of two kinds. One is for our personal phone in which we get calls from our friends, family, and distant relatives. For a personal phone, we can have personal voicemail messages or funny and creative voicemail messages. And another is for our business phone, in which we strictly get calls from customers mostly. For business phones, we need good messages, not any funny message, but rather a realistic message, because its customer after all, and I am sure you don’t lose/offend your customer over a funny voicemail message.

Funny & Creative Voicemail Messages

Voicemail messages are of many kinds and you can choose from anyone among them. Let’s look at some of the funny and creative personal voicemail messages, which you would love to keep for your personal phone –

  • I can’t come to the phone now. I have amnesia and I feel stupid talking to people I don’t remember. I would applaud if you tell me something about myself and leave your name. Thanks.
  • Hi, I’m sorry I couldn’t come to the phone, but if you hop 3 times, spin around, touch your nose and say your name, and then leave me a message after the beep, I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Hey, it’s (your name). I’m trying to spice up my voicemail, so if you’re going to leave a message, please make it rhyme.
  • Please repeat the secret code and if you get it right I’ll call you back soon.
  • This is you-know-who. We are you-know-where. Leave your you-know-what you-know-when.
  • I’m not here right now, so leave a message! Make it short, make it sweet, or I’ll have to press delete.
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Concluding Remark

So, there are many such kinds of voicemail messages which are creative and funny and you can keep for your personal phone only. But if it’s a business phone, then you have to strictly keep the messages up to the business. You can keep some very simple voicemail messages for business also. Like, “Speak Voicemail”, or “I’m sorry unable to take a call, please leave a message” etc. in the business phone number makes the voicemail messages or greetings very short and sweet. An ideal voicemail message recording is for 25 seconds.


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