How To Upload Music To Amazon Music

Uploading music to Amazon music is a nice decision to take, as it will give you the maximum enjoyment that you ever wanted. “How To Upload Music To Amazon Music”

Carefully read and understand this article as it tends to give and direct you on how to upload music to Amazon music.
So if you are looking for how to upload your music to Amazon music, you can relax as we give you all that you need to know about it.


How To Upload Music To Amazon Music


For you to upload songs to Amazon music, Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, Google play or to any other major platform, you ought to need a distributor to add those songs for you. Because artists were not allowed to publish on their own, they must have to choose a distributor.

The reason is that, most distributors charge a flat fee per album annually, just to have it online, or to ask for a percent of every royalties received from the album’s performance. Since it’s not wise for artists to pay just to have their songs out there, and for that reason it’s done on friendly mode. “How To Upload Music To Amazon Music”

Amazon music is one of the biggest streaming company that offers music services, behind Spotify and Apple music. In this platform, you can listen to any music of your choice. It is very possible to stream up to 2 million songs free if you have Amazon prime music account. Also by upgrading your account to Amazon music unlimited you can have access to stream over 50 millions songs and thousands of playlists even stations.

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Again; Amazon had once supplied music storage plans which allows their users to upload their music like 250 songs free and get a huge storage space for 250000 songs for music storage subscription in Amazon music.
But as at 30th April 2018, the renewal of storage plan was suspended, so new subscription is not acceptable. “How To Upload Music To Amazon Music”

Which means that one cannot listen to music after your subscription has expired, because you cannot keep the saved music files again even when you try to re-purchase the subscription. But for you to keep them, you are supposed to go to the your “Amazon setting” and select ” keep my songs”. Before your subscription expires. This is only applied in the local music not from Amazon music itself. Because it’s a streaming music service, you need to make sure that music streamed from Amazon can be saved as local files for good. Luckily, Tunepat Amazon music converter helps you to download Amazon music in your computer system.


Steps to follow while converting music


1. First step

Click on the settings button, the button that is at the upper right corner to set output format, output quality and output output path and so on. “How To Upload Music To Amazon Music”


2. Second step

You have to choose one of your Amazon playlists/artists/album, then click the add button and also select the songs that you will like to convert.


3. Third step

Export Amazon music to local computer.
Click on convert button and the songs will be converted. When that is done you can now find the songs by clicking the “History button” . You will find it at the upper right corner or at the output you customize previously.

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4. Fourth step

After the music must have finished downloading, you can now open Amazon music app and then click the option of ” Actions” at the right side bar. You can also drag your music files or select files manually depending on your choice.
At this point, you can now play and enjoy your music.


With the use of Amazon music converter, you can convert as much songs as you need and enjoy all of them as you wished to. You can also unlock the time limits by buying the full version.

“How To Upload Music To Amazon Music”

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