How To Satisfy A Woman During Sex

If you want to satisfy a girl during sex, thee are things that you need to do to make her feel you and enjoy the sex. Don’t be known as that guy who only cares about his satisfaction forgetting the satisfaction of his woman. Most guys are complaining about weak erection or that they come fast during sex, but no matter what your complaint or the problem is, I will give you advice and the solution to it, so take your time to read and understand things well as I said it.


How To Satisfy A Woman During Sex

Why you don’t last long on the bed.

The reason why you don’t last on the bed can be due to a few things you neglect during sex.

  • Having sex with pressure. It is never good to be in a rush or pressure when having sex. If not, you will not last long.
  • It can be stressful, and many don’t know that stress can also contribute to why you don’t last longer or satisfy your woman well, so make sure you are not stressed up before having sex.
  • Change positions during sex. Changing styles helps a lot to make you last longer, so don’t stick on one pattern if you want to satisfy your woman.

Places that interest women most during sex.

If you don’t know by now, then you are missing a lot because there are places a woman loves to be touched during sex. But f you like to know more about it try to read on places to touch a woman in bed, and you will understand it better. But for now, I will talk on a few points in it.

  • Women love to be touched on their breasts during sex.
  • Romance her on her body.
  • Romance her from her toe to feet at you kiss her.
  • Finger her on her clitoris that is on the top inner of her Virginal.

How to satisfy her during sex.

To make sex enjoyable for her, there are some things that I need to do when I want to initiate sex with your partner, and I will take my time to explain it with you.

  • First, you need to give her a good romance and not be in a hurry to sleep with her or penetrate her.
  • Avoid being too fast to insert in her, take it slowly and easy, and not entering all once.
  • Change styles and listen to her mood to understand the one she loves and feel most.
  • Take your time to suck her breast and romance her as you do so.

Doing this said will make her feel you more but if after inserting her she doesn’t feel you well, try to then read about how many inches can a woman feel to understand if she can’t feel your penis or whether you are to look for the style that will make her want 

“How To Satisfy A Woman During Sex”

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